Miele SBD 365-3 Universal Floorhead

By Miele


The Miele AllTeQ Floorhead is the ultimate solution for effortless vacuuming across various floor types. Its retractable bristles seamlessly adjust to clean both carpets and hard floors, while the rubberized rollers prevent scratches on delicate surfaces. With a smooth metal soleplate, this floorhead glides effortlessly on carpets, ensuring thorough cleaning. Equipped with wide thread lifters, it efficiently removes hair, while the wide suction aperture guarantees comprehensive vacuuming. Plus, its swiveling suction aperture edge adapts to the floor covering, ensuring optimal cleaning results every time.

Universal Nozzles: Flexible multi-talented solutions
Miele’s universal floorheads are a practical solution for homes with small floors and different types of flooring. Foot switches for operating the all-round bristle strip are located on the floorhead and depending on the floor covering, vacuuming with or without it is possible. This makes Miele universal floorheads equally suited for cleaning carpets and hard floors. The soleplate and rubberized rollers mean they glide easily across the floor.

Product Specifications

• Retractable bristles for cleaning carpets or hard floors
• Rubberized rollers prevent scratches on hard floors
• Wide thread lifters also remove hair
• Swiveling suction aperture edge – adapts to the floor covering


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