NaceCare Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC 370



Introducing the NaceCare Charles Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum, a powerhouse in cleaning versatility. Named Charles, this vacuum embodies adaptability, capable of seamlessly transitioning between dry vacuuming on smooth floors and area rugs to effortlessly handling wet pickups. What sets Charles apart is his ability to tackle both regular dirt and liquid spills with equal efficiency. With a robust 1200w motor, he delivers up to 95 cubic feet of airflow per minute, ensuring powerful suction (110” of water lift) while maintaining a quiet operation at just 61 decibels.

For dry vacuuming, Charles utilizes a spacious 2.5-gallon capacity bag and a Tirtex filter, boasting 98.6% efficiency in capturing small particles down to 0.5 microns. His combination rug and floor tool feature retractable stiff synthetic bristles for smooth floors and low pile carpets, ensuring thorough cleaning without causing damage.

Switching to wet pickup is a breeze with Charles. Simply remove the bag and filter and install the float protection system to prevent debris from reaching vital components. With a generous 4-gallon wet pickup capacity, he handles everything from small spills to large jobs with ease.

Equipped with a front squeegee on his wet pickup tool, Charles efficiently directs water towards his intake, ensuring thorough cleanup. Additionally, he comes with three accessory tools—dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool—for detailed cleaning in any corner or crevice.

Despite his heavy-duty performance, Charles remains lightweight and maneuverable. With a three-piece wand set, flexible hose, and front castor set, he navigates floors effortlessly, supported by a thick insulated 33-foot power cord for extended reach. Whether it's dry dirt or wet messes, Charles is the ultimate cleaning companion, ready to tackle any cleaning challenge with ease and efficiency.

Product Specifications

Model: CVC 370 (Charles)
Motor: 1200 W
Water Lift: 110"
Airflow: 95 CFM
Capacity: 4 gal.
Standard Filtration: 0.3 micron @ 96%
Power Cord: 33'
Noise Level: 61 dB(A)

What's In The Box

NaceCare Numatic Charles (CVC370)
Tritex Filter
Float Shut Off
Combination Rug & Floor Tool
Commercial Grade Wet Tool
Dusting Brush
Crevice Nozzle
Upholstery Tool
Three-piece Wand


NaceCare stands behind the Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC 370 with a comprehensive two-year warranty covering labor, motor, and non-wear parts.


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