NSS M1 Pig Dry Carpet & Dusting Kit



Experience the ultimate cleaning power with the NSS M1 Pig Dry Carpet & Dusting Kit. This kit is designed for a deep dry clean and dusting, making it perfect for commercial cleaning needs. Stand out from the competition with this commercial-grade, rugged kit that delivers exceptional results.

The NSS M1 Pig Dry Carpet & Dusting Kit includes:

  • Aluminum Wand: Ensures durability and optimal performance.

  • 10-foot Super Flex Hose: Provides flexibility and reach for convenient cleaning.

  • 12" Carpet Tool with Milled Manganese Shoe: Effectively cleans carpets for a professional finish.

  • Crevice Tool: Reaches tight spaces and corners with ease.

  • 5" Aluminum Connector: Enhances connectivity and compatibility.

  • 3" Round Brush with Nylon Bristles: Ideal for dusting and gentle cleaning on various surfaces.


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