NSS Pacer 15 UE Upright Vacuum (15 inch)



The NSS Pacer 15 UE Upright Vacuum (15 Inch) integrates cutting-edge innovations with a 15" brush, offering a lightweight yet robust solution for commercial cleaning needs. Engineered for reliability, this single-motor upright vacuum features an ergonomic design that minimizes operator fatigue, with variable handle adjustment catering to users of different heights. Its closed handle design ensures a comfortable grip, while a large carrying handle facilitates easy transport between cleaning tasks.

Boasting a powerful 1.7 HP motor and a chevron-style brush, the Pacer delivers thorough cleaning performance. A three-step filtration system comprising a two-ply bag, motor filter, and exhaust filter ensures optimal air quality. With a reliable mechanical clutch that disconnects the brush in case of jams and a detachable suction tube for effortless clog clearance, maintenance is simplified. The vacuum's molded rubber bumper shields fixtures and furniture from accidental bumps, while its durable polypropylene body and base withstand rigorous commercial use. Featuring no expensive electronic controls to repair or replace, the Pacer prioritizes practicality and longevity. Additionally, a simple cord wrap release facilitates quick access during operation.

Optional accessories, including a HEPA filter and cloth and fleece filter bags, offer enhanced filtration options. Backed by a two-year warranty covering the belt, excluding wear items, the NSS Pacer 15 UE Upright Vacuum exemplifies durability, performance, and convenience in commercial cleaning equipment.

Product Specifications

- Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue like ariable handle adjustment for different height users, a closed handle that allows a relaxed grip, and a large carrying handle that makes transport easy.
- Powerful 1.7 HP motor and chevron-style brush for thorough cleaning.
- Thorough three-step filtration: two-ply bag, motor filter, and exhaust filter.
- Reliable mechanical clutch disconnects brush when jammed.
- Detachable suction tube makes clearing clogs simple.
- Molded rubber bumper protects fixtures and furniture.
- No expensive electronic controls to repair or replace.
- Durable polypropylene body and base stand up to commercial use.
- Simple cord wrap release for quick access.
- Optional HEPA filter available as well as cloth and fleece filter bags.


The NSS Pacer 15 UE Upright Vacuum (15 Inch) warranty covers 2 years including the belt, though excluding wear items.


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