NaceCare Bag HEPA Flo 10pk (380, Charles, George)



    Experience superior performance and cleaner air with NaceCare Bag HEPA Flo 10pk. Keep your surroundings pristine with the power of HEPA-FLO technology, designed to maintain strong suction even as the bag reaches full capacity. Banish dust and allergens floating in the air as the HEPA filtration efficiently captures pollutants, giving you a healthier living space.

    Compatible with various canisters, including Charles and George models, this pack of 10 Hepaflo bags ensures you always have a supply on hand for uninterrupted cleaning sessions. Elevate your vacuuming experience with the NaceCare Bag HEPA Flo 10pk today.

    Product Specifications

    - Ensure exceptional air flow and minimal loss of suction with genuine Hepaflo bags
    - Hepa filtration system effectively reduces pollutants and traps dust for a cleaner environment
    - Compatible with Charles, George, and all NaceCare & 380 canisters


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